Temporary-to-Hire Staffing

There are always certain vacancies in every organization for which employers are not sure whether to hire a permanent employee, so we offer Temporary to Hire Services. For some tasks, it is difficult to judge the abilities of the candidate on the basis of interviews or tests. With the help of our Temp to Hire Solutions, our clients can try out the staff or a particular candidate before extending the offer for the job. By doing this our clients can get the right match by observing and testing the needful skills and qualities of the candidate and can save themselves from making expensive mistakes.
Our Process

Our process for finding you the most qualified candidate

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Get hires with myriad skill sets ready to serve various industries and needs, for short and long term projects. And if you find them a perfect match, make them your strength

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We conduct extensive industry research on the basis of which we evaluate the skills of the candidates. This helps us to provide the right talent for the right position.

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Several programs for training and evaluation for the candidates fortify us to offer you the talent as per your specific needs and requirement

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Vistech is committed to provide staffing support according to the location, availability, vacancy, designation and the number of candidates as and when required.

How it Works?

Organizations now have the liberty to hire employees on temporary basis to assess the skill and caliber of the hire, just like the temporary staffing solutions which we already provide. However, with temp to hire services, your business can now permanently hire that temporary employee, if he or she meets all your expectations.


Here are the standard benefits offered while offering Temp-to-Hire services.
  • Non Commitment to Full Time Hires: Client gets the opportunity to check if the candidate fits the role and the culture of the client prior to committing to hire the candidate as a full time employee
  • No commitment to continued employment – during the temp phase the client can terminate the contract due to non-performance without any liability or commitment for continued employment
  • Finding the right fit – the temp phase allows the client to confirm that the candidate is the right fit for the role
  • No fee after 6 months – Vistech will not charge a placement fee to the client if the client converts the contractor to a full time employee after 6 months from date of start.


Based on our experience, we try to answer some of your questions

Normally you will be asked about your enterprise, your organization’s hiring needs and your contact details. Role specific questions will also be asked regarding the preferred start date of the role, salary range, skills and experience requirements, working hours, interview preferences and the location. Usually the placement fee will be confirmed or hourly rate quoted on the phone for you to make a decision. This will also be confirmed via email along with a copy of the recruitment company terms of business outlining the conditions of their services. There is no obligation to use their services at this stage, whereby the onus is on the Vistech to source fantastic candidates that meet your recruitment needs in order for them to be paid. Based upon your agreement to proceed with hiring a candidate or hiring temp staff, you we will be allocate the Vistech Consultant who will become your point of contact thereafter. If you have multiple roles, a primary Consultant will be appointed by Vistech who will liaise with other specialist consultants within the employment agency.

Call Vistech on 732-355-8000 to outline your enterprise’s needs and find out more about how our services can assist you.

Vistech has a talent database of more 200,000 candidates looking to maximize their career success. Candidates are given FREE access to Career Controller where they can manage job applications, see roles that match their requirements and update their profile with the latest aspirations, motivation and achievements. We also have access to an affiliate network and jobs boards that provides us with access to millions of capable staffing, employment or recruitment company services candidates, whether your organization requires permanent, staffing agencies or employment agencies staffing services. Vistech has built a process using AI/ML/DL and RPA to make recruitment easier and faster for our clients.

Absolutely! We do expect candidates we have sourced to be very well matched to the roles. Vistech does however guarantee to provide you with an alternative candidate for the same position if the original candidate departs or is dismissed within 3 months. In our experience 3 months provides plenty of time for a candidate to settle nicely into the role. In our experience it’s unusual for carefully recruited and well matched candidate to leave a position. Perhaps our clients’ high retention rate is because we spend so much time carefully matching candidate motivation, personality, aspirations, skills and achievements to your needs in order to source you the perfect candidate.

Good communication skills are critical to a role as a recruitment consultant. Much of a recruitment consultant’s work involves utilizing advanced interpersonal skills to build rapport separately with organizations and candidates, understand the needs and personality traits of both in order to determine whether there is a good match and then facilitate an interview process.

Recruitment consultants assist recruiters to identify, select and recruit staff for their vacancies, and help individuals find and gain appropriate employment. Great marketing, sales and persuasion skills are critical to a job as a recruitment consultant.

Recruitment consultants are also responsible for:
interviewing and assessing prospective applicants and matching them with vacancies
screening candidates and drawing up shortlists of candidates for clients to interview
coordinating interviews
creating and placing advertisements
helping prepare applicants for interviews
building relationships with clients
negotiating employment contracts

The background and experience of recruitment consultants is varied with personal characteristics such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, confidence and initiative being the more common traits. For graduates, a degree in any discipline is acceptable for entry into the profession, although a qualification in a relevant subject such as human resources, marketing, psychology, business studies or management is beneficial. For specialist recruitment consultants, qualifications in IT, accountancy or engineering may be required. Key skills for recruitment consultants include:

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Good sales skills
  • Drive   Determination
  • Commercial awareness
  • Advanced organizational skills
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