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Organizations building on a resilient growth strategy have many things to be concerned about. The last thing they would want to be bothered with are challenges related to payroll management or payroll processing. These are operational, yet mandatory processes. Managing error free operations consistently for payroll processing can be very challenging, so leave it to us and focus on the growth and success of your business. We got this covered.

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For over a decade, Vistech has been serving a diverse clientele. With our significant investments in technology, we offer complete payroll outsourcing services from A to Z., from basic payroll calculations, statutory compliance, we do it all. Vistech takes care of the payroll and billing of all employees and contractors for the client and sends one monthly consolidated invoice to the client for all expenses incurred.


Key Features

Features that truly differentiates us from the rest

  • We will manage complete Payroll Processing for all your employees, which will ensure that your employees receive their pay on time.
  • We will process and manage all your tax related activities, related to Payroll Processing Services.
  • If required, we can also initiate and execute benefit plans for your employees.
  • Our dedicated team of Payroll Experts will work to solve all payroll related issues instantaneously.
  • We provide customized and tailor-made payroll processing services, for every niche and vertical within your business.
  • Vistech can assist you attain your diversity spend. We are a certified Minority owned company

Why Choose Vistech?

Why Vistech for company payroll services?
  • We will simplify your payroll management activity, which means that you are aware of all details, and can manage your finances accordingly.
  • We will guide you with payroll consultation, so that your organization can optimize ROI, and make better decisions.
  • We will arrange compliance and administration for your business.
  • Our expert team will understand your business process, and create a custom blueprint which fulfills your business objectives.



Here are the standard benefits offered while offering Temporary Staffing Services.

  • We reduce your hassle and pain associated with processing payroll like timesheet integration, various HR reports, benefits etc. with our services.
  • We provide the error free Payroll Services carried out without risk for the company.
  • We assure our clients timely service, which further leads to a peaceful environment and motivated employees.
  • We provide the safest company payroll services. Our payroll data is centralized and secure, so the risk of data loss is limited.
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